Stanton 680 V3 Cartridge & Styli

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Stanton 680 V3 CartridgeThe legendary 680.V3 cartridge is regarded as one of the best cartridges on the planet for mixing, club use, and scratching. The wide-band frequency response will give you high energy record playback and that extra punch you need to quake the dance floor whether playing dance or hip-hop. The 680.V3`s suspension is designed to be very stable for those less then perfect club setups. The suspension is so robust that the 680.V3 functions just as good as a scratch needle as it does as a club needle.

  • Best cartridge for scratching
  • Extremely good low end response for club environments
  • Very forgiving suspension design
  • New industrial design A single cartridge inside a plastic carry case. Perfect for: Hip-hop / Scratch DJs / Club DJs Specs
  • Stylus Type: Spherical .7 mil Super High Polish
  • Tracking Force: 2 to 5 grams
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 18kHz
  • Nominal Output: 7.0mV
  • Channel Balance: within 2dB
  • Channel Separation: 30dB
  • DC Resistance: 1300 ohms nom.
  • Tracking Ability: 80ยต @ 3 grams
  • Recommended Load: 47k ohms and 275 pF
  • Inductance: 930 mh nom.
  • Cartridge Weight: 6.3 grams
  • Replacement Stylus: N 680

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