Mackie SRM450 V2B Active Speaker Black

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The Mackie SRM450V2 SRM Version is a 2-way bi-amplified portable active loudspeaker pa system.
Surpasses the performance of the original SRM450 to deliver pure studio monitor sound at more powerful, full-on loudspeaker levels. The Mackie SRM450V2 delivers live sound that sounds like it should. Live sound sometimes seems very hard to control.
With the SRM Series Portable Active Loudspeakers, Mackie include the technology to help tame the beast, so you can focus on your performance, instead of being distracted by constant EQ and level tweaks.
Now, with the SRM450v2, live sound is whipped completely into submission, giving you more control over your shows than ever.
Thanks to its all-new design from adding new amps and transducers to a new lightweight power supply the Mackie SRM 450 v2 surpasses the performance of the original SRM450 to deliver pure studio monitor sound at more powerful, full-on loudspeaker levels.
Many portable loudspeakers produce lows that lack substance, they just don’t have it in ‘em to give you that chest-pounding punch. But the SRM450v2 delivers astonishingly deep and defined bass frequencies, outperforming the original SRM450, which was renowned for its ability to deliver real low-down sound.
That’s thanks to the SRM450v2’s servo feedback technology combined with its all-new neodymium woofer and 3-inch voice coil.
The SRM450v2 employs reliable protection circuitry, a built-in limiter for less distortion at peak levels, and an automatic sliding high pass filter to give you that little bit extra volume when the crowd demands more.
And thanks to the advanced technology of its power supply and Class-D amp topology, the SRM450v2 is greater than 90 percent efficient, more of the power from your outlet goes straight to the transducer, without the power supply and amp giving off loads of heat. Less heat means better performance, and longer life.
Mackie have kept the SRM450 v2 affordable too, even though it is a complete redesign from inside out, the SRM 450V2 retains its musician-friendly price tag.
With the Mackie SRM450v2, live never sounded so good or behaved so well. 2-way bi-amplified, optimized Active loudspeaker system
High-output precision titanium compression driver
Neodymium long-throw low frequency transducer with 3-inch voice coil
Servo Feedback controlled woofer for tight low-end punch
300W class-D, Fast Recovery LF amp / 100W HF amp
Ultra-wide, smooth dispersion via multi-cell horn aperture and HF waveguide
Built-in phase-accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover
Mackie Active Electronic time alignment, phase correction and EQ for studio quality sound
Mic/line input and pass-thru connector
Lightweight for ultimate portability (40lbs)
Flyable, Pole Mountable, Floor Wedge-able

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